Great Lakes Military Vehicle Preservation Association


To perpetuate the knowledge, interest and preservation 

of military vehicles through fellowship and events

The Great Lakes MVPA is a 501(c)3, not for profit, organization that is dedicated to the Preservation of Military Vehicles.  We have a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Newsletter Editor and Membership  Chairman.   We do not have a Board of Directors as we have always felt that every dues paying member should have the ability to vote on every issue that comes before the members at our General Membership Meetings.

 All officer's positions come up for election every two years.   Great Lakes memberships come up for renewal every year on January 1st and can be prepaid in advance for as many years as the member wishes.   Our General Membership Meetings are held three to four times per year and are open to anyone who wishes to attend.   We attempt to move the meetings around the State of Michigan to allow each member an opportunity to attend meetings without having to travel great distances each time.   We also try to hold these meetings at members homes, places of business or at locations that contribute to the knowledge the member needs in the restoration of their vehicles.

 The Great Lakes MVPA sponsors three major events every year to give our members a place to display their vehicles,  use their vehicles as they were built for, off road, and fun weekends to spend with other people who are interested in the same endeavor. We make every attempt to keep our group " By the members . For the members " with fun as our middle name .  There are No Requirements to being  a G.L.  member . We are not a Veterans group . We just enjoy the Vehicles and Equipment they used while keeping our country free .  

 Our Major Events are:

Spring Potluck and Meeting

Spring Trail Ride - Generally held near the end of June. Dates and locations vary.

Turkeyville Trail Ride and Campout held in Marshall, MI

Great Lakes Military Vehicle Show / Swap Meet - Held in August at General Jim's Surplus / Jays Sporting Goods in Clare Mi.   This is a great event where you can buy or sell military vehicles, parts and militaria, or just spend time swapping stories with other fantastic Great Lakes Members.

Camp Grayling Fall Color Tour / Trail Ride -   The trail rides take place on the tank & truck trails of the Michigan National Guard's Camp Grayling.   What a great weekend! Base headquarters at Wellington Farms

 Our members also attend other local events throughout the year.   Parades, car, truck, tractor and air shows which we try to have listed on our CALENDAR  page.

If you have an interest in Military Vehicles, please contact us .  It saddens us deeply to see old military vehicles being towed to the scrap yards or rusting away  when there is always someone who would love to rebuild them.

 If you would like to restore a military vehicle, or are looking for a military vehicle to purchase, checkout our Newsletter and Web Site  Classifieds, or ,   or .




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